A Land Molded by Ice


During the last ice age whole arctic region was covered with thick ice. Now with ice gone (except for mountain areas) arctic regions are still sparsely inhabited. In some parts of the arctic, the ground stays frozen all year long. This frozen layer of soil is called permafrost. Arctic regions provide permanent habitat for highly adapted indigenous wildlife but humans are rarely found there.

Looking at the photographs taken by satellites at night shows much populated parts of the world as a thick network of lights. Cities and populated areas stand out clearly. The same view of arctic regions, however, reveals just a couple of bright spots. The rest of the land appears as a vast, deep blackness. These huge wilderness areas are relatively unknown.

The Arctic World


These enormous wilderness areas of relatively unknown Arctic regions provide permanent habitat for highly adapted indigenous wildlife. Arctic is also seasonal habitat for immense populations of migratory wild birds. In a sparsely inhabited remote area of northern Sweden nature is preserved as it was thousands years ago.

Sustainable Use of Arctic Wilderness


At the end of the long and cold winter the Arctic plants are using the short summers, nurtured by the midnight sun and the clean Arctic water, to grow fast and collect the nutrients needed for the soon approaching cold. Living in this harsh climate makes the plants become nutrient rich, containing much higher amounts of active compounds then the plants growing in gentler Southern climates. These plants are the inspiration and the active ingredients in the Arctic Naturals range of natural cosmetics,

Sustainable use of natural resources, among them the Arctic berries and herbs, has a great significance in Arctic regions. There is no risk for overexploitation. Just only 5-10% off all berries is harvested each year.

Not far from the place of harvest the valuable antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins  are extracted from the plants and berries for the use in Arctic Naturals products. The purity of the raw materials and the high quality of the manufacturing process make the Arctic Naturals efficient beauty care products.

This is our way of doing sustainable use of Arctic wilderness.