Arctic Naturals

natural cosmetics from the pure Arctic wilderness


Arctic Naturals is a unique line of natural cosmetics, based on berries and herbs harvested from the pure and unspoiled Arctic wilderness.

At the end of the long and cold winter the Arctic plants are using the short summers, nurtured by the midnight sun and the clean Arctic water, to grow fast and collect the nutrients needed for the soon approaching cold. Living in this harsh climate makes the plants become nutrient rich, containing much higher amounts of active compounds then the plants growing in gentler Southern climates. These plants are the inspiration and the active ingredients in the Arctic Naturals range of natural cosmetics.

Not far from the place of harvest the valuable fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants are extracted from the plants and berries for the use in Arctic Naturals products.

The purity of the raw materials and the high quality of the manufacturing process make the Arctic Naturals efficient beauty care products. This is our way of making sustainable use of Arctic wilderness. Arctic Naturals consist of a unique line of powerful natural cosmetics with the berries and herbs of the Arctic region.

Bilberry Shampoo
with antioxidants and protective berry wax

Gentle shampoo that gives the hair an antioxidant boost while balancing and soothing the scalp with protective berry wax.


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Cranberry Conditioner
with berry seed oil and thyme extract

A great natural conditioner that nourishes and hydrates your hair and balances the scalp with powerful cranberry seed oil and calming thyme extract.


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White Clay Detox Shampoo
with thyme and berry extract

Energizing shampoo that purifies and balances your hair and scalp, leaving it free from chemicals and air pollutants with the help of natural detoxifier white clay.


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Aronia berry Hair Cure
with berry antioxidants and protective wax

Hair cure that heals the damage made to your hair by treating it with powerful antioxidants from Aronia berry and protecting it with nourishing berry wax.


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Birch Leaf Body Wash
with birch leaf extract

Naturally purifying body wash that gently cleans and tones the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and energized throughout the day.


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Elderberry Body Lotion
with shea butter and elderberry extract

Rich moisturizer that softens and smoothes dry skin and protects it with a high doses of antioxidants.


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Sea buckthorn day cream
with antioxidants and berry seed oil

Energizes and balances your skin, leaving it soft and protected throughout the whole day.


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Crowberry Night Cream
with omega 3 and 6 oils and berry antioxidants

Nurturing night cream that naturally rejuvenates your skin with omega 3 and 6 enriched oils, protective berry extract and energizing antioxidants.


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Lingonberry Lip Balm
with beeswax and lingonberry seed oil

Nurturing lip balm that repairs dry and cracked lips with lingonberry seed oil, beeswax and olive oil.


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